I’ve seen a property I’d like to buy that is of non-standard construction (steel frame); I’ve been told I may struggle to find a mortgage lender due to this – is this true?

It’s true that a lot of lenders have set criteria when it comes to non-standard constructions such as thatched roofs, steel/wood frame buildings and a lot of lenders won’t lend against them however we do have access to lenders that are willing to consider subject to valuer’s comments on the valuation report for mortgage purposes. Contact us to discuss and we can send through a quote.

Do you simply locate the best deals and then I apply myself?

No – we assist by not only locating the most suitable deal given your circumstances but also by getting you pre-approved so you know the lender is happy to consider you before preparing a strongly packaged application to go to the chosen lender and we then follow that through until the case is agreed and hopefully intended mortgage offer.

Do you charge fees for your services?

We offer free initial mortgage advice and quotes with no obligation. Once you decide to proceed with our services fees can be applicable and are quoted for upfront. We get commission from the lenders work our work however depending on the size of the work needed Broker fees can be applicable- call us on 0800 410 1170 to discuss your circumstances in detail so we can give an accurate quote